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About us

Grain was born from the desire of creating a practice that recognises the importance of collaboration, community and, above all, the direct impact of architecture in our lives. We stand for creativity, versatility and commitment to design excellence. 


Practice founders Najla Khoury and Bruna Souto gained extensive experience in multiple architectural sectors and all stages of projects, from concept to construction, during their time at BKA architecture. Grain Architecture combines years of experience to offer architectural services that follow meticulous quality control procedures whilst maintaining a dynamic creative workflow.  


The practice embraces a wide range of architectural building types and seeks continuous expansion of over 20 years of industry experience into the residential, public, educational and commercial sectors.  


We see architecture as a powerful tool with infinite potential for positive impact. We tap into this awareness to create engaging and meaningful spaces that connect with its users beyond their function. 


Treating each project as a unique process, and working directly with clients and users, our team offer individual and considerate responses to each brief. We are approachable, friendly and always seeking to build transparent and long-lasting relationships with our clients.  

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